Zara Shahjahan Launches Coco, Trendy Pret Wear Brand

Zara Shahjahan Launches Coco, Trendy Pret Wear Brand post image
Zara Shajahan, designer well known for haute-couture, launches a new pret-wear clothing brand “Coco”. It is a ready to wear brand which aims to cater to masses with affordable price and quality. Nowadays designers do not limit themselves to haute couture only but they venture out with different textile companies to reach out to wider audience. We have seen many designers launch premium lawn collections in result of such collaborations. With designers touching a segment of masses, now people can access designer wear at affordable prices. At the launch of Coco, Zara Shahjhan opined that many designers’ unstitched lawns are priced between Rs. 4000-6000/=, after embellishments and stitching, finished suit costs around Rs. 7000 to 10,000 which is a pretty heavy investment for a single suit. So, philosophy behind launch of Coco is to provide three piece suit under Rs. 4000/= while keeping a fine balance between quality and affordability. Coco is launched nationwide and stocks at Brands Just Pret in Karachi, Al Fatah and Ten Q in Lahore, Labels in Faisalabad, Melange in Islamabad and Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai. Check out few of the outfits below.

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