Veena Malik’s Naked Photo Shoots for FHM & Denial

Pakistani model and actress veena malik has gave another titillating news by doing highly objectionable nude photo shoot and Tattooed  “ISI” on her arm for Indian magazine for men, FHM. Veena Malik has been involved in so many controversies earlier, when she participated in India’s biggest reality show Bog Boss. She proved that she is the kind of those media personalities who knows how to get publicity, whether good or bad. This sizzling news has created sensation in internationally and she is been criticize highly in Pakistan. Veena Malik is continually denying this; according to her, pictures are being “morphed”, although she did a bold Photo shoot but she knows limitations. Only a naive person would believe that because why would FHM do something so controversial against her will. If Veena Malik is so innocent and goofy, that everyone is trying to trick her then how she is surviving in this industry.  

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