I read somewhere that “fashion is the soul of style” and as fashion is getting great Hype in Pakistan so everyone started opening fashion store. But the question is “who is successful?”, the answer is tricky and i can say, only those who offer fashion with style plus quality at affordable Prices. When we talk about Fashion with style, the first name that comes in my mind is Stoneage.

Stoneage is a Pakistani outlet and is famous for its western wear. Stoneage opened its first branch in March, 2006. In very short time period it became a huge hit and is very popular among the youth of Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi and Karachi.They are further planning to open their outlets in Multan, Sialkot and other cities of Pakistan. I am personally big fan of Stoneage, I always have good experience with Stoneage. it is much better than other western outlets that are located in Lahore and Karachi because its quality is very good and prices are economical. stoneage offers · Denim · Tees · Shirts · Outerwear · Headwear · Footwear · Jewelry · Belts · Sunglasses Stoneage outlets are all accross in Pakistan and Dubai.

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