Shahbaz Aslam’s Outlet

The name Atif Aslam needs no introduction. Everybody wonders who is behind the wacky and unusual attire and style of Atif Aslam. Well, here is the inside scoop: It is his brother Shahbaz Aslam. Most of the people, including me, did not know about this. I learnt this through a friend who told me about the boutique of Atif Aslam’s brother. Shahbaz Aslam designed more than 800 outifits for his brother Atif Aslam. Everybody, mostly the teenagers, are crazy about the outfits and styling of Atif Aslam. They try to copy him in every possible way. Shahbaz Aslam has made this easy for the craziest fans of his brother.

The first outlet of Shahbaz Aslam was launched in Lahore in 2008. Atif Aslam supported his brother in every possible way. Atif was the one who pushed his brother on launching this on a commercial scale.

Now let me come to the variety Shahbaz Aslam’s outlet is offering. His outlet offers a variety of outfits from bridal to casual wear. Casual and formal accessories are also being offered at affordable prices. Further he is planning to launch different lines in future. He also intends to launch a line of funky shalwar kameez. Shahbaz’s line offers everything from menswear, casuals and formals to womenswear, even bridals. His kurtas are priced at Rs.2500. Shahbaz mainly focuses on the menswear line, which as he says is his unique selling point. Shahbaz Aslam's entrance into menswear has potential but the prices are not reasonable as a two-piece has a starting range of Rs.22, 000. One can clearly see potential in his men’s wear, but the women’s line seems catastrophic. So Shahbaz should just focus on his men’s wear at the moment.

You can contact and visit the outlet on the following address: The outlet of Shahbaz Aslam’s is located at Shop#1, Mini Market, Regency Plaza Gulberg II, Lahore. Contact Number: +92-3444366666 Email:


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