Pakistani Model Iraj Manzoor

Pakistani Model Iraj Manzoor

Pakistani model, Iraj Manzoor is among models who are considered to be pioneers of Pakistani fashion industry. Iraj is famous delivering that is asked from her and every time proves to be the right choice by designers, stylists and photographers. Fashion Model Iraj Manzoor represents every designer’s work with elegance and style and does complete justice with her work. That makes her top model who, despite being senior in fashion industry, is still in demand.

Iraj Manzoor is one of Pakistani models who has earned a top place in fashion industry. It has been more than a decade since Iraj has started working in the industry but she is still in demand due to her huge dedication and commitment towards work. To keep her healthy fashion model Iraj takes good care of her fitness and skin.

Iraj Manzoor, Pakistani fashion model, is known as the queen of ramp walk and absolutely enjoys her work. Eastern sensual beauty has graced many magazine covers over the years. She is equally recognised at national and international level. Bearing in mind, Iraj is one of the most experienced and sought after models to date, it is revitalizing to find that she is not full of herself. On the contrary, she says she feels she is learning all the time, even from younger people as they bring in new energy.

Pakistani Model Iraj Manzoor does not hesitate to have extreme makeover.  At one point of time she wanted to change her look and went to stylist Nabila.  She gave a very short hair-cut, which created a lot of buzz in the industry. Iraj believes that she did Nabila’s shoot just for herself and was extremely thrilled and happy about the outcome. Along with ramp walks and photoshoots, Iraj Manzoor has appeared in number of television commercials as well.

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