Pakistani Designer Ammar Belal

Pakistani Designer Ammar Bilal

Ammar Belal is a well-known designer of Pakistan. He started with the label ABCD, which was his casual wear line. His casual wear line is stylish yet affordable at the same time. Then a completely new label by his name was launched for men’s line i.e. Ammar Belal Menswear. His menswear line offers best quality and the best price to the customers. Ammar belal’s menswear offers shirts, ties, sunglasses, belts and accessories. The range of Ammar belal’s shoes starts from Rupees 12,000.

Ammar Belal has created an entire fashion house for his different brands. Ammar Belal Menswear is a brand for men, ABCD is for the teenagers and younger people, Sarah's is a classic label, AS Jeans is a customized label and ABCD Ethnicis an ethnic label. He doesnot compromises on quality of his products.Ammar Belal is basically catering to that segment that loves to wear foreign labels. So he is offering a local brand, which is as good as a foreign brand. So all of you who have a good taste for clothing, do go and visit his store. His label does not compromise on quality. For his men’s wear, the fabrics used are extra fine wool, linen, pure silk and cashmere. He launched his green labelthis year in January, targeting the more price conscious youngsters. From menswear, he branched into ladies shoes and handbags as well. He is offering women’s eveningwear. He has opened many outlets in different cities of Pakistan.Following are some of the addresses of Ammar belal’s outlet:
Gulberg- Flagship Store 39 A2 Mian Mahmood Kasuri Road Hussain Chowk, Gulberg Lahore, Pakistan. Tel: (92-42) 587-3828 Xinhua Mall Xinhua Mall, Mian Mahmood Kasuri Road Hussain Chowk, Gulberg Lahore, Pakistan. Tel: (92-42) 587-9764 Plot No. 10, 9th Commercial Lane, Zamzama Phase 5, D.H.A. Karachi, Pakistan. Tel: (92-21) 806-5738 website: Have a look at his portfolio.

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