Nickie Nina: The Fashion Designer

Pakitani Designers Nickie Nina

Nickie Nina is a famous label which run by designer duo Aliya Ali (Nickie) and Nabila Junaid (Nina). The label was launched in 2000, and enjoyed immediate success. They have opened a number of outlets in Karachi, Lahore and Dubai since they started. Nickie Nina has showcased their work at many fashion capitals including London, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston and the United Arab Emirates. Nikie n Nina find fashion design “an efficient art,” believes their label defines “elegance, splendour, comfort and extravagance.” Their focus is to cater all age groups not specifically teens or tweens. They offer
  • Formal Wear
  • Semi Formal Wear
  • Bridal Wear
They offer comtemporary and Sari’s as well. The user experience at their website is also good. You can place the order by contacting them directly at their email address mentioned below. Nickie n Nina are well perceived in the Pakistani fashion world and media. There has been many articles about the duo admiring their work. They are considered to be among the pioneers after Nilofer Shahid and Faiza Samee.
Address :   44, Allouddin Road, Cantonment, Lahore.
Tel: +92-42-36673800
Address: 44, Allouddin Road, Cantonment, Lahore.
Landmark: Allouddin Road,Cantonment, Lahore
Tel: +92-42-36673800

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