Meera All Set to Marry Pakistani-American Pilot Naveed Shehzad

Meera All Set to Marry Pakistani-American Pilot Naveed ShehzadFamous Lollywood actress Meera has announced, she is all set to marry. Meera is likely to get engaged on 19th February to an airline captain Naveed Shehzad, who is also a family friend, in Lahore. The venue of engagement ceremony is still not decided yet. According to Meera, her parent wanted her to get marry and settle down and she is doing upon their insistence. As we earlier informed, Lollywood diva Reema Khan got married in Virginia to a US based Dr. Tariq Shahab on November 19, 2011. The Nikkah took place at a court in Virginia, during which the actress wore a green outfit designed by Hasan Shehryar Yasin. See, exclusive wedding photos of Reema khan. While talking to the media Reema had advised girls to follow her example and abide by their parents’ decision concerning marriage. I think Meera took Reema’s advice too seriously. As she is not only marrying a Pakistani-American but getting enganged on 19th as Reema did. Is this all just a mere co-incident or she is really a copycat, I leave decision upto you guys 🙂

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