Mahnoush Spring/Summer Lawn Collection 2014 by Arjumand Amin

Mahnoush Spring/Summer Lawn Collection 2014 by Arjumand Amin post image
Mahnoush Spring /summer lawn collection 2014 by Arjumand Amin. Mahnoush is a Persian word for someone who seeks beauty and perfection. Mahnoush celebrated their 4th anniversary this year and brought us the design esthetics that has enabled this fabulous brand to carve a niche for itself in the market that is dominated by giant textile industries. Each year, Mahnoush translates timeless designs from all over the world into this aesthetic, with a unique attention to detail and stunning colours and embroideries. This is Arjumand Amin's aesthetic. Mahnoush gives its customers the finest cloth, and designs that go beyond the merely trendy to the genuinely beautiful. Mahnoush has found its inspiration from all kinds of sources that are books and museum also from the patterns that are found all around in nature and the fashion zeitgeist. They have supplemented their trademark bird, jewels and Chinese motifs with some other eccentric deigns that are architectural elements like arches and fountains these designs patents are new and beautiful and most of them are derived by our own heritage Mahnoush has presented superb, unique and beautiful prints this year and eccentric color palette supplemented with the embroidered and silk borders with pure chiffon and silk dupattas that can take your outfits from morning to evening and helps you create your own story with bold, imaginative and unique prints from Mahnoush spring/summer Lawn collection 2014, Mahnoush Spring / Summer 2014 collection is now available in leading stores across Pakistan. Check out the Mahnoush Spring/Summer Lawn Collection 2014 Mahnoush Lawn 2014 (16)

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