Levi’s Go Forth Generation Spring Summer Collection 2012

Levi’s Go Forth Generation Spring Summer Collection 2012 post image
For Go Forth Generation spring/summer 2012, Levi’s is showcasing 7 exciting, young Pakistanis in the creative fields who have unique approaches in their respective arts. Each one of these people represents the face of a new Pakistan, one that is undeniably progressive, strongly ethical, brash in its talent, connected to its roots yet in sync with global dialogue. These young cultural ambassadors not only represents the best talent of a bold new country, but are digitally savvy , socially responsible and collectively embody the Go Forth spirit of Levi’s brand. These 7 brand ambassadors are
  1. Bilal Khan (Singer/Song Writer)
  2. Zoe Viccaji (Singer/Stage Performer)
  3. Adnan Malik (Director/Model)
  4. Asmaa Mumtaz (Make-up Artist/Stylist)
  5. Usman Riaz (Musician/Artist)
  6. Aisha Linnea (Filmmaker/Model)
  7. Khalid Malik (RJ/Actor)
These brand ambassadors have a long way to go in their respective fields, it is heartening to see brands like Levi’s are promoting young blood of Pakistan, sending positive image to the outer world. Credit for Pakistan's Go Forth Generation Spring/Summer 2012 by Levi's goes to Adnan Malik for creative direction and production, Tapu Javeri for photography and to Asmaa Mumtaz for make-up & styling. Take a look at Go Forth Generation spring/summer 2012 by Levi’s.

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