Lawn Mania: Latest Lawn Collection 2012 and Lawn Exhibition 2012

Is it Lawn Mania or Lawn Extravaganza, with the latest Lawn Collection 2012 and Lawn Exhibition 2012? is it Lawn Mania or Lawn Extravaganza? As you are still having coffee after midnight, rolling up glass of your car’s window, tucking your hands inside your pockets to keep them warm, suddenly you see all these hoardings and ask yourself Waqaay Sardi hai ya mujhe lag rahi hai?”  Yes! I am talking about the fever of lawn exhibitions and designer lawns in hamara apna Karachi where mercury is not rising above 14 C during nights and summer is not looking too happy to embrace us.  
Iman Ali for Asim Jofa Lawn Collection 2012

Iman Ali models Asim Jofa Lawn Collection 2012

It is still freezing in many parts of the country and the situation is similar in plains of Punjab and Sindh, but here in Karachi we have already started planning for Lawn exhibitions. And you know what, some of the brands were so impatient that they have already organized their exhibitions. Luscious, lucrative, fancy & branded lawn exhibitions tornado hit Karachi early 2012, not just one but one after another. Every single sign board has a new designer’s name with the date and place of their exhibition. It is such disrespect to winter clothing and to the season itself. First, they had complained k Karachi mein har waqt garmi he rehti hai and now that winters have stayed for long, they are freaking out to bring Lawn. Sach he kaha hai kisi ne, insaan kabhi khush nahin hota…. As for Lawn itself, there are now so many brands that a person gets confused which one to buy. Every single actress, model, singer has started exhibiting their lawn. It was started by Junaind Jamshed a.ka. JJ (in early Jan) and then was soon followed by Nadia Hussain, ZQ, and none other than the Lala himself, Shahid Afridi. There is no hint of planning and everyone else is trying to compete with one another. I’m afraid that ‘kawwa chala hans ki chaal, apni chaal bhi bhool gaya will happen to all these newly instinctive ‘designers’. Almost all of these lawn exhibitions held in a posh area of the city and if you belong to an average middle class family, then save your time and petrol money and go to local markets to buy lawn, rather than getting squashed between aunties and being part of the stampede. If you really want to see designer paintings aka lawn designs, internet hai na !! Just ask your child/sibling to show you all those designs and you can easily select which one to buy. Talking about the posh area, it is no doubt that you need to be the one from those living on the other side of the bridge to afford this lawn. For example, the Asim Jofa lawn, which was also discussed so much on social media, has such high prices that a person who earns a million or around it a month can truly afford it. Sometimes, I think that mayans are right. World is surely ending on 21st December 2012. Just as all these people are organizing their exhibitions, we are also waiting for what is called ‘Original Lawn’ by GulAhmed. The ads are aired after every 5 minutes, are visible when you are driving and can be heard when you’re busy listening to radio during load shedding.  Let us all see what this Original Lawn is, or is it just another tactic to bring a crowd to their exhibition.  
ZQ Lawn Collection 2012

ZQ Lawn Collection 2012

I think all these designers cum celebrities are trying to pay Alaamgir a tribute in their own way. As he sings in his hit of all time ‘Dunya hamain ab jo kahay, dunya ki rasmon ko tor tor chalay’, they are following in his footstep and doesn’t care about what people think. They just want to be a step ahead from everyone else. Seriously‘dekha na tha kabhi hum ne yeh samaa’ To all those investors out there, here is a piece of advice for you. Pick up a model, cricketer, singer or any famous personality, sign a contract with them and invest in fabrics aka lawn. Hold your exhibition in Clifton or some hotel, and whatever the quality of your fabric will be, it will be a sell out. As we look in current situations, go for a Humsafar brand. Make Khirad, Sara and Aanti Farida the faces of the brand and I’m sure, this will beat every one !! You’ll float in money. On a serious note, keeping Karachi’s summer in mind, Lawn Zindabad. But yaar, pehle sardi to jaanay doOriginally published here.

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