Kayseria Winter Collection 2012 for Women

Kayseria Winter Collection 2012 for Women post image

Kayseria is one of the most demanding designer textile brands of Pakistan which has stolen hearts of millions of women with its innovative designs and craftsmanship. Just recently Kayseria Winter Collection 2012 for Women was unveiled and was titled as “Wonders of Winter” which includes fabulous three themes of representing the very own cultural values of Pakistan. You will find a stylish winter dresses dyed in colors which truly represents the culture of tribal areas of Pakistan and each of fashion outfits has a very warm look to it. There are also kashmiri and swati shawls in Kayseria Winter Collection 2012 for Women which are adorned with enchanted patterns and color blocks and in last this collection also takes inspiration for nature, you will find outfits with eye popping floral patterns inspired from winter flowers such as chrysanthemums. You will also find an artistic use of bold embellishments like patches, buttons and hand crafted brooches which has really given a high dose of style and glamour to all these winter dresses.

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