Fawad Khan making Ladies go Gaga

Fawad Khan Making Ladies Go GagaThe model, the actor, the signer and the heartthrob of Pakistan, ladies and gentlemen I am talking about none other than the multi-talented Asher Hussain, oops I mean Fawad Afzal Khan. Entire nation is has gone crazy for this actor. The fever is never ending, whether teen age girls or their mummies, equally are in love with him. No can deny how handsome and cool he looks both on and off screen. He just has charisma to his personality and it is hard to stay away him any longer. He is such a killer not only for his looks but performance as well. Be it a romantic role or aggressive angry man, he is just has the ability to play it natural. Fawad Khan is multidimensional and multitalented personality who has worked in different genres of performing art. He started off as lead vocalist in local rock band Entity Paradigm; oh boy didn’t we love him then. We saw him in “Jutt and Bond”, a drama series which was aired on PTV. Later in 2007 when EP was disbanded, all band members took their separate course of life. After wards he, Fawad Khan, ventured in different project;  appeared in Television Dramas, TV commercials and debuted in his first ever Film, Khuda K liey, he was much appreciated for his role. The trajectory of success was going higher and higher, then we saw in the famous drama serial DAASTAN, one of my favourite as well. He did complete justice to his role. Meanwhile Fawad worked in numerous television commercials Olpers, Mobilink, Clear Shampoo are to name a few. Then recently he did a project on HUM TV by the name HUMSAFAR, took the entire nation by frenzy. The drama serial is not only popular in Pakistan but in USA, UK, KSA, INDIA etc. There are many Facebook Fan Pages devoted to serial and its characters separately. It has taken people, especially Pakistani, a wave. Fawad Khan is such a versatile artist, whatever he does whether singing, modelling or acting, he does it with that with utter devotion and dedication. Though many miss his singing a lot, I wish there was another album out by EP as the band as they have reunited last year. But this seems to be wishful thinking, but there is no harm is hoping, right? Fawad Khan is such a humble person, though he is getting tremendous appreciation and love for the project, but he is just overwhelmed by it. He is still trying to absorb his success and thankful to all his fans. On a personal note he is married to Sadaf Fawad Khan, and they have a son named Ayaan. Do not kill me ladies it’s a fact. 😀

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