Fashion Trends for 2012

2012 is all about new fashion trends. PDFC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Fashion Week was not only showcasing bridal fashion but also setting new trends for the New Year 2012. Some designers stayed with the conventional fashion, but some did not hold back and dared to try new things. Let’s have a look at some of the trends for this year.

Short Shirts and Shalwars

Many call long shirts and frocks “Tent Fashion” and find it annoying for prevailing this long. So folks,the highlight of year 2012 is that “Shalwars and Short Kameezes” are back with a big bang. Yes, you read it correct. Fashion designers Fahad Hussayn and Ali Xeeshan brought forward fitted short Kameezes in PFDC L’Oreal Bridal Week (PLBW), as we used to see them worn by Lollywood heroines back in 70’s. The comeback of Shalwars brought pleasure to many traditionalists. Fahad Hussain presented Shalwars with narrow and Ali Xeeshan with big Painchaas. So choice is yours, you can wear them either way.


All those who are still in shock by comeback of Shalwars, guys here is a relief for you. If you find Shalwars too dowdy and feel constrained about chooridaar pyjamas, you can wear a Plazzo and be fashionable. Fashion designers Maheen Kardar and Sara Rohale Asghar are ones who showcased Plazzos.


Jumpsuits are completely in these day. Young girls can wear them at weddings and have a chic look. I must say nobody would have thought of jumpsuits as formal wear. Karma and Maria Bs’ version were marvellous.


Gota has been a part of Bridal clothing, be it Mehdi dresses or formal wear. In 70’s and 80’s Gota was a part of kaamdaar Sari’s and Shadi ka Jora as well. This season fashion sensation Nida Azwer brought back the elegance of Gota to the mainstream fashion. Her Gota-studded Lengha can be worn at any grand wedding.


In this freezing winter season, traditional shawls are not the only way to stay warm at weddings. With fabulously stylish shrugs by Sara Rohale Asghar and Karma, there is no need to wear the boring shawls.

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