Elan Collection at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion week 2012 Day1

Élan presented “Flights of Fantasy” Collection at Day 1 of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion week 2012. The collection was inspired from Chinese art and designs. Floral patterns, oriental cuts, and embellished blazers were delicately blended together that is why this collection is considered as one of the best collection of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion week 2012. The collection includes palazzo/ flamenco-styled pants, sequined tops in different colors like Pink, yellow, and electric blue. Élan is a label which is synonyms with glamour, elegance and versatility, launched by Khadijah Shah Seven years ago. In a short span of seven years, Khadijah Shah successful expanded her label and created a dominant place for Élan in the fashion industry. She is always respected for her exceptional and extraordinary work.

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