Designer Lawn Collections: A Different Perspective

Alkaram Allure Lawn Collection 2013In the last couple of years Pakistan has been swamped by designer and premium Lawn Collections.  Last year alone nearly 108 lawn brands introduced their collections. Huge, isn’t it. It is heart-warming that textile industry is flourishing despite all the load shedding and other problems. Moreover women of Pakistan get to have all the new and latest prints with designer’s oomph.  

Every Designer Collection Seems to be Same

Every designer collection seems to be same?  Do not get me wrong, one may find it that way. Some may find prints of some designer’s extraordinary and some by another. But is there a way to gauge what sets them apart. Can you recognize which jora is by whom, if you have to guess blindly. Floral, geometrical and striped they are all the same.

High Prices

Due to climate changes, summer stays for roughly 8 months in major parts of Pakistan. In the blazing summer everyone wants to wear light, comforting and breezy clothes. And these eager exhibitions make add length to already long summer. On average women tend to make four to six joras of lawn for summer season. These premium and designers lawn collections are roughly priced Rs. 5,000, making it impossible for average citizen to spend Rs. 20,000 one child’s clothes only. Imagine if there are three to four sisters in the same house, plus there is a mom, making it impossible to even get one premium jora for each one.

When Same Print wears Your Maasi

Despite all the fuss about overpriced lawn collections, it is very important for every woman to maintain individuality. Women want to wear something that no other woman on the planet has worn. It is inbuilt in women, some genetic code, I guess.  It is pretty bad when you see another women wearing same print and trust me there is no adding to fuel, when you see your maasi wearing the same designer print which you bought spending thousands in just few hundreds, in June/July. LOL 🙂 Pretty bad, isn’t it?

Indian Models

Lawn is a specialty of Pakistan, though few other countries like Malaysia and China also produce it but they are unmatchable to in terms of quality and designs with Pakistan. When it is a domain of Pakistan what I cannot figure out why to use Indian models, we have plenty of Pakistani Models who are not only beautiful but also know how to carry out perfectly these lawn prints. One may argue that by having Indian actresses to model, it caters to wider audience in India, Bangladesh and worldwide. But I say in the past when we do not have the luxury of using foreign models, our businesses were equally doing well, so why now. If you disagree or have more solid reasons to support argument, have your say by leaving a message. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed.  

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