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Eid Collection 2012 by Shirin Hassan | Latest Pakistani Fashion

Eid Collection 2012 by Shirin Hassan | Latest Pakistani Fashion post image

Shirin Hassan’s latest block print Eid Collection 2012 is trendy, stylish and versatile. These beautifully embellished silk and silk ensembles cater to women from all walks of life, and are guaranteed to make one feel classy and chic. Latest Eid Collection 2012 designed by Shirin Hassan that will add a stunning look on you. The […] Read More

Nisha Festive Eid Collection 2012 by Nishat | Eid Collection 2012 post image

Nisha Festive Eid collection 2012 by Nishat is absolutely staggering, it is offering up to the mark and latest designs of Pakistani dresses. The combination of cool and bright colours fascinates on one hand and a fine taste amalgamated with delicate designs meets the needs of the hot season on the other. Selection of colours […] Read More

Nadia Hussain Eid Collection 2012 by Shariq Textiles

Nadia Hussain Eid Collection 2012 by Shariq Textiles post image

Nadia Hussain Eid Collection 2012 by Shariq Textiles has joined the Eid dress stream with her marvellous Eid collection which has attracted the target audience due to its awesome offer. The collection offers a mix of well-styled and nice attires to celebrate the Eid festival.  Their designs are unique and superb to energize the festivity […] Read More

Exclusive Generation Eid Collection 2012

Exclusive Generation Eid Collection 2012 post image

Generation, a well-loved Pakistani clothing brand, has introduced Eid collection 2012, soon to be available at all outlets. Eid collection 2012 by Generation is deeply enriched with nature inspiring designs, motifs and bold colours. Motifs of animals especially peacocks are mainly inhibited. Combination of tunics, long and shorts are offering a great deal of variety […] Read More

Al Karam Summer Festival Collection 2012 | Eid Collection 2012 by Al Karam post image

Al Karam Summer Festival Eid collection 2012 is sophisticated and chic, it sure will lift up the mood on Eid. The spirally patterns enhances and flourishes your beauty. Their special chiffon and silk dupattas individualizes this collection as well as their banarsi borders and separate printed sleeves. You can obtain Al Karam lawn Eid collection […] Read More

Vogue Embroidered Silk Eid Collection 2012 by Five Star Textiles post image

Eid cannot be more soothing but lively with Vogue Embroidered Silk Eid collection 2012 by Five Star Textiles. Its fresh floral patterns lighten ups the misery of the blazing heat on Eid. With its classical charm, all eyes will be drawn to you. All this wonderful explosion of colours is in price of Rs.4500. How […] Read More

ICON Eid Collection 2012 | Lawn Collection 2012

ICON Eid Collection 2012 | Lawn Collection 2012 post image

Festive, vibrant and cool, latest ICON  Eid collection 2012 has all the right elements to doll you up this Eid. It is no doubt a spectacular edition, vivid colours and the latest cuts, are harmonized to serve occasion of EID is delightful. Price ranges from Rs. 3,995 to 4,595. The latest Eid summer lawn prints are available […] Read More

Rabea Eid Collection 2012 by Shariq Textiles | Eid Collection 2012 post image

Shariq Textile has launched Rabea Eid Collection 2012. Mesmerising hues and elegant designs makes it extra special. Rabea Eid collection 2012 offers a great deal of sophistication, that one expects from an Eid jora, and ability to battle blazing summer. Treat Indeed. Earlier this year Shariq Textiles had launched many instalments of lawn collections, quite […] Read More

Gul Ahmed Lawn Eid Collection 2012 Limited Edition

Gul Ahmed Lawn Eid Collection 2012 Limited Edition post image

Available online and nationwide by 14th July 2012, Gul Ahmed limited edition Eid collection 2012 is uber-stylish and elegant. Introducing more than 50 designs, Gul Ahmed Eid Collection is available in different fabric and styles. Earlier this year Gul Ahmed had introduced two Lawn collections with wide range of fabric and prints, Gul Ahmed Lawn Collection 2012 […] Read More

Umar Sayeed Collection at PFDC LOreal Paris Bridal Week: Day 4

The last but definitely not the least show of the evening at PFDC L'Ore'al Paris Bridal Week on Day 4 was presented by renowned Pakistani designer Umar Sayeed. His collection at bridal week was quite marvellous, as the designer himself is accredited often amongst fashion’s design gurus. Umar Sayeed cleverly used musician, actor and model […] Read More

FPW3 Ayesha & Somaya at Pakistan Fashion Week 2012 (FPW) Day2

Designer duo Ayesha Sohail and Sumaya Adnan presented their collection entitled “Pink Camouflage” on day 2 of Fashion Pakistan Week (FPW) 2012. Collection was inspired by the colour of global love ‘pink’. They aimed to present feeling of serenity and warmth through rouge, rose, salmon, pinkish and hot pink. Have a look at Ayesha & Somaya’s […] Read More

Nickie Nina Collection at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2012 Day 1

Day 1 of 5th PFDC Sunsilk Fashion week 2012 begun with Nickie Nina’s Collection. The collection was inspired from their father who was in military. Royal Military line of Nikie Nina’s incorporates embellished blazers, dresses and accessories. Elegant and gorgeous dresses coordinated with accessories which includes badges and medals shows creativity of designers. Exquisite amalgamation […] Read More

Zonia Anwar Collection at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion week 2012 Day 2

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion week 2012 Day 2: Zonia Anwar presented her womenswear collection entitled ‘Sylphic Inca’, which drew inspiration from American Native Tribe ‘Inca’. She used different color variations, computerized embroidery that combined with ‘Aar’ work with appliqués and triangular trims. It was a noteworthy collection. Zonia Anwar is like fresh air in Pakistan fashion industry, […] Read More

Mona Imran Collection at Bridal Couture Week 2012 Day 1

Mona Imran opened the show at fourth Bridal Couture Week 2012 (BCW) with pretty little girls dresses in dark green carrying flower baskets. Her bridal collection had combinations of reds, pinks and maroons. Mona Imran’s collection at BCW 4 had embellished peshwazes and chooridaars. Ayesha Omar was showstopper of his show; take a look at complete collection. […] Read More

Enchanted Collection by Karma at PFDC L’Ore’al Paris Bridal Week: Day 4

The fourth day of PFDC L’Ore’al Paris Bridal Week was quite a hip, it included three bridal fashion shows and one jewellery show. Karma, Nida Azwer and Umar Sayeed presented solo bridal shows while jewellery show was presented by Damas. Karma presented its bridal collection, entitled “Enchanted”, at PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week on Day […] Read More

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