Pakistani Fashion Designers

Pakistani Designer Sonya Battla

Sonya Battla is one of the striking designers, who has made quite a name for herself in the Pakistani fashion industry. Sonya Battla label is synonymous with luxury, exclusivity and glamour. Her designs have always been very unique and extremely stylish. Sonya Battla is a proud Pakistani fashion designer who witnessed boom of Pakistani fashion industry […] Read More

Pakistani Designer Ali Xeeshan

Ali Xeeshan, an aspiring Pakistani fashion designer, has the ability to woo his audience with his inventive and intriguing collections. People simply love him and anxiously wait for his latest work especially in fashion shows. Fashion designer Ali Xeeshan does not led down his audience and lives up to their expectations every time. He is […] Read More

Pakistani Designer Nilofer Shahid

 NiloferShahid is a top Pakistani fashion designer who has earned a great success in the global fashion Fraternity. Her work has not only been recognized in Pakistan, but has also acquired great acclaim internationally. She started her career as a designer in 1978, with a small workshop. She was involved in different areas like hand […] Read More

Pakistani Designer Rizwan Beyg

Rizwan Beyg is internationally acclaimed Pakistani fashion designer who has received renowned amounts of success during his career. Rizwan Beyg was interior Designer by profession, who entered into the world of fashion due to his interests in Fashion Designing. According to Rizwan Bayq” He started designing by using his Sister’s in house tailors and at […] Read More

Pakistani Designer Saim Ali

Pakistani fashion industry is growing fast; with so many talented and aspiring designers it has a bright future. Pakistani designers are producing amazing women’s and men’s’ wear, one of them who is getting lot of recognition for his work in industry is Pakistani designer Saim Ai. Saim Ali is a Lahore based Pakistani fashion designer, […] Read More

Pakistani Designer Faiza Samee

Faiza Samee is celebrated and leading Pakistani fashion designer, who begin her career 28 years ago. She earned respect in the industry by designing clothes that portray Pakistani culture and traditions. She was privileged to design Bridal wear of internationally acclaimed Pakistani Politician Late Benazir Bhutto and has exhibited pieces at the Victoria & Albert […] Read More

Pakistani Designer Maria.B

Maria Bilal known as Maria.B is a darling designer of Pakistan, one of the most talented and recognized Pakistani fashion designer. After receiving her degree from Leading Pakistani Fashion School "PSFD”, she launched her label “Maria.B” in 1999. Maria.B quickly earned reputation by creating extraordinary designs that represent sophistication and elegance. Her success continues and she […] Read More

Pakistani Designer Maheen Kardar Ali

Maheen Kardar Ali is a big name in the Pakistani Fashion industry, who proved herself in a very short time period. Maheen Kardar Ali was graduated from Pakistan Leading Fashion School “PSFD”. She started her Label “Karma” with Kamiar Rokni in the year 2001. This label Got Huge Success and Maheen Ali name start circulating […] Read More

Pakistani Fashion Designer Syed Rizwanullah

Syed Rizwanullah is the most aspiring Pakistani fashion designer, popular for his quirky sense of style, started his career in August 2007 and made mark in Pakistani fashion industry in a very short span of time. Syed Rizwanullah completed his two years degree from a Lahore based fashion school after dropping out from Pakistan School […] Read More

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