Amir Adnan

What is so special about him, why is such a hype about his work? You will be asking yourself whom am I talking about, well the answer is Amir Adnan or some call Ameer Adnan. If you are a fashion freak you must have come across the name, some of us truly endorse our selves with brands and yet there are some who think why pay such hefty amount to these designers. Moreover if you are overseas customers who do not have time when they visit home or they want to have truly eastern look specially if there is some wedding. So get ready to be shaven off, well it’s not my opinion and choice that counts but your.

Amir Adnan is famous for his Sherwani’s; he considered to be a man who has revived the industry and culture from western to traditional Sherwanis and Kurtas when every body was wearing three piece suits on their weddings. Three piece suits were considered be the fashion symbol to be worn on the weddings but Amir Adnan’s boutique offered such elegance and variety that people had to change. His work specially Sherwani’s has some class; I mean I was suddenly a huge fan after seeing his collection.

You can have look at his work by visiting his website

Though he has added women line as well under his own brand name, that is “Amir Adnan” and a “FunkAsia” also deals in women clothing. I will be talking about FunkAsia later in my upcoming post. Amir Adnan’s boutiques are in many cities of Pakistan, like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad etc.

Amir Adnan mostly caters to the upper class clientele, thus making him automatically in the high priced ranged. It is said that Amir Adnan made some outfits for Ex President Pervez Musharaf and former Indian President; I am forgetting his name, my apology. I coud not get hold of the information whether the clothes were traditional or not. If any one you have any information regarding that please share with us.

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